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Submissions Now Open

Submissions Due
August 25, 2006

Award Notification
September 4, 2006


Program Overview
The Minority Outreach Program within the SC (Supercomputing Conference) offers a unique opportunity for underrepresented groups to witness and directly participate in the discovery of advancements being made in the high performance computing environment. The SC, with its global reach and innovative approach, is the perfect venue for this to occur. At this conference, traditionally underrepresented groups have the opportunity to exchange knowledge and skills with each other and with the broader community about their techniques and processes used to exploit and support these advanced technologies. Access to state of the art equipment and demonstrations provide a first-hand exclusive opportunity for the participants that may not be available otherwise. The Minority Outreach Program within the overall context of the Conference allows for a more diverse community to attend the conference and to gain access to technical discussions, panel debates on best practices, and other critical resources that potentially provide a competitive advantage for others when developing products and services for their respective markets and communities. Ensuring representation by specifically funding underrepresented groups of individuals demonstrates social responsibility by the ACM and the IEEE in providing mainstream access of high performance computing and information technology advancements to this community.

IEEE and ACM have funded the SC Minority Outreach Program since it's inception in 2000. The intended impact of this program goes beyond increasing the number of minority participants in the SC conference. It allows for the fostering of collaborative relationships between faculty, IT professionals, students at minority serving institutes (MSIs), and research scientists at major research centers, as well as impacting the amount and quality of computational science education at MSIs.

Through the Minority Outreach Program selected grant recipients will be invited to participate in either the Tutorials Program or the Technical program. In addition to the complementary conference registration, grant recipients will be reimbursed for their SC expenses for lodging and transportation, up to an agreed upon amount.

Grant Application Process
To apply candidates should complete and submit the SC Minority Outreach Program Grant Application Form by August 25, 2006. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance via e-mail by September 4, 2006. Awards will be made until all slots are filled.

Selection Criteria
The SC Minority Outreach Program will select up to 40 participants.

To be considered for funding, applicants:

  • Must be a minority faculty, IT professional, or student;
  • Must be either a US citizen or permanent resident; and
  • Must be able to showcase a research project or give a poster presentation in the Minority Outreach Program's Research Booth

In addition, grant recipients are expected to participate in scheduled booth activities, develop a presentation to share their SC experience with their colleagues at their home institutions; and complete an evaluation survey of the Minority Outreach Program.

Applicants that have not previously participated in the SC will be given first priority for funding. Those that have been funded more than three times will not be considered.

Financing Participants
The Minority Outreach Program will fund up to 40 participants in the amount of $1,500 each to attend the SC. Individual reimbursements will cover the cost of travel and lodging up to the amount of $1,500. Expenses exceeding $1,500 will not be reimbursed and will be the responsibility of the participant or their institution. In addition to the reimbursement, participants will be given a complementary SC registration for either the Technical Program or the Tutorials Program. The Tutorial Program participants will also receive a pass to the SC Exhibits Hall. The grant award is non-transferable.

Travel to and from the conference is to be conducted at the least overall cost to the conference. Only airfare less than or equal to domestic coach fare will be reimbursed, to a maximum of $600. Advance purchase tickets should be used where there is a substantial cost savings and the risk of cancellation penalties is not severe. (In some cases there may be a significant savings on airfare fares by staying over a Saturday night. In order to be reimbursable, the overall cost savings must be greater than the least expensive airfare without the Saturday night stay plus the hotel expenses incurred due the additional nights. The Minority Outreach Program Chair must approve this option at least two weeks prior to travel. Documentation of the savings must accompany the reimbursement request.)

If the traveler elects to drive to the conference, reimbursement will be limited to the lesser of coach airfare, or hotel parking expenses plus $0.405/mile. This option will be permitted only if the approval is obtained at least two weeks prior to travel. Documentation of the savings must accompany the reimbursement request.

Travelers are also expected to use cost effective methods of ground transportation. Car rentals are not reimbursable. Travel between your residence/work and the airport will be reimbursed at $0.405/mile. Travelers will be reimbursed for reasonable costs for local transportation, which includes taxi, shuttle, bus, and train expenses (whenever available, airport shuttles should be used). Long-term airport parking fees will be reimbursed.

Travelers will receive $54.00 per day to cover all meals and incidental expenses in Tampa. The Per Diem will be reduced when meals are provided by the conference, even if the traveler elects not to eat them. The Tampa reduction will be $26 for dinner, $15 for lunch, and $10 for breakfast.

A block of rooms will be reserved specifically for the Minority Outreach Program participants at a conference hotel. A deadline will be established for room reservations; after this date, hotel reservations must be made using the SC06 on-line housing reservation system on the SC06 website. Conference rates will not be given to participants who contact hotels directly. Rooms in the Minority Outreach Program block, which, can be booked for a maximum of seven nights (single occupancy), will be billed directly to the Minority Outreach Program master account. For those participants who choose to stay at other hotels, a maximum of seven nights lodging expenses will be reimbursed, with the per-night lodging expense limited to the cost of a single-occupancy room at the designated hotel.

Each program participant will receive a complimentary registration for either the Tutorials or the Technical Program. Individuals wishing to attend both parts of the conference must register and pay the fees associated with the second portion using the standard SC web registration page.

Reimbursements will be processed within eight weeks after the conference, upon receipt of the SC Travel Expense Report, original receipts, and the SC Minority Outreach Program survey. Detailed travel expense guidelines will be available in mid-August.

Conference Registration Procedures
Once participants are selected to the SC06 Minority Outreach Program and they have confirmed their acceptance to the program, the Minority Outreach Program committee will provide further guidance on the SC registration procedures.

For additional information, please email: Valerie B. Thomas at

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