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HPC Bandwidth Challenge

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June 1, 2006

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August 31, 2006


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September 15, 2006

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August 31, 2006

Bandwidth Challenge 06: End-to-End Achievement

Call for Participation

The Bandwidth Challenge has been an exciting and engrossing activity at SC conferences for the past 6 years; the accomplishments of the Bandwidth Challenge participants, in utilizing ever more bandwidth for increasingly remarkable applications, have been outstanding.

This year the Bandwidth Challenge will focus on a different important facet of networking: End-to-End achievement. Can you fully utilize one 10 Gig path, end-to-end, disk-to-disk, from SC06 in Tampa back to your home institution, using the actual production network back home?! Can you realize, demonstrate and publish all the configuration, troubleshooting, tuning and policies, not only to show off at SC06, but to leave a legacy at your home institution whereby your scientists can achieve the same results after you? This is a decidedly different slant from the previous Bandwidth Challenge competition, but one that is well worth embracing and will prove both challenging and inspiring! We will issue a Bandwidth Challenge call for participation shortly with more details.

This evolution of the Bandwidth Challenge is motivated by the desire to tap the creativity of the community in a new way and also by the practical realities of the limited amount of network capacity which will be available to SCinet to interconnect into Tampa and future SC conference venues.

How much wide-area-network bandwidth will be connected to SC06 in Tampa? The intention is that SC06 will be connected with the major US research networks, specifically: Abilene, ESnet, NLR PacketNet, NLR FrameNet, HOPI and perhaps a few others. And the US research networks will provide transit for the international networks with which they peer. The expectation is that there will be few, if any, individual lambdas connected into Tampa. In recognition of the enormous cost and effort required to implement temporary long distance lambdas for SC, the theme of the week will be: Sharing. SCinet and the Bandwidth Challenge will work to orchestrate sharing of network bandwidth for use in booths and for participation in the Bandwidth Challenge.

If you do intend to enter the Bandwidth Challenge, it would be ideal if you could provide advance notice by e-mailing BWC Intent to Participate, by July 31 or as soon thereafter as you know your plans. Full Bandwidth Challenge submissions are due by August 31st.

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