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Learning & Physical Challenges Education Program

The purpose of the SC06 Learning & Physical Challenges Education (LPCE) program is to empower Learning & Physical Challenges (LPC) grades 7 - 16 faculty/educators, special education professionals, and students to apply computational science across a variety of content areas in classrooms.

Why engage Learning & Physical Challenges Education institutions? It is because LPCE students frequently show combinations of the traits that provide innovations and insight — attributes needed in high performance computing (HPC) and the applications that high performance computing supports.

The intended impact goes beyond LPCE participation in the conference, to foster collaborative relationships between faculty and students at LPCE institutions and research scientists at major research centers by increasing the amount and quality of computational science education at LPCE programs.

Project Goals
This program will be developed in conjunction with the SC06 Education Program and other SC Conference activities.

Specific goals for the LPCE program are:

Goal 1: Expose LPCE faculty members teaching undergraduate, high school and possibly middle school courses in discipline specific uses of high performance computing.

Goal 2: Provide LPCE undergraduate students the opportunity to learn computational science and high performance computing from experts in the field.

Goal 3: Increase awareness of high performance computing to the administration of LPCE institutions.

Goal 4: Increase the visibility of the LPCE program to the full SC conference by providing access to focal point participation throughout the conference events.

Goal 5: Inspire faculty and students to become more involved in high performance computing.

Goal 6: Experiment with an entirely new mechanism for the conference series to do outreach and share high performance computing with communities not yet involved in the conference.

Application Process
To apply, institutions should complete and submit the SC06 LPCE application form. Applications must be submitted by September 30, 2006.

Selection Criteria
Two participants from six institutions will receive reimbursement to attend the conference. Those selected will be reimbursed for lodging and travel in accordance to SC policy.

Selection will be based upon need, strength of the application, previous work or future to use advanced computing hardware, software and networks, and the ability to demonstrate the specific impacts this conference will have on them and the research conducted at their institution. No more than two people will be selected from any institution.

Important Dates

  • May — Release Call for Participation
  • September 30, 2006 — Applications due
  • October 10, 2006 — Select and notify institutions
  • November 11-17, 2006 — Focal points attend SC06 Conference
  • January — March 2007 — Seminar visits to institutions
  • June 2007 — SC06 Education Summer Program

The program has two major aspects. The first, and novel, aspect is to sponsor high performance computing experts to create and present seminars at Learning & Physical Challenges Educational institutions. This aspect will allow in-depth discussions not just with a few selected individuals who attend the SC06 Conference but with a wide range of students, faculty and administrators. The program will bring high performance computing to the institutions, educators and students in a direct manner.

Each institution will be provided two (2) seminars days to cover such topics as Parallel Computing Techniques, Tera-Scale Computer Architectures, Computational and Data Grids, Distributed Filesystems, High Performance Networking and Visualization and Analytics. This program will encourage not just formal seminars, but informal meetings with faculty, teachers, and students interested in the topics.

The second aspect of the program introduces high performance computing to focal point staff at each institution. The LPCE seminar program selected institutions will be announced at the SC06 Conference and selected institutions will have free access to SC Desktop. Two staff from each institution will be funded to attend SC06 and participate in the conference Education Program in preparation for being the focal point for the LPCE Seminar program. The LPCE participants will make up one of the Educational Program teams.

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