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Submissions Closed
November 14, 2006 10:30am-5pm
November 15, 2006 10:30am-5pm
November 16, 2006 10:30am-3pm


As at previous SC conferences, a highlight of the Exhibits program is the Exhibitor Forum. These talks showcase the latest advances by our Industry Exhibitors, including new products and upgrades, recent research and development and future plans and roadmaps. Some present case studies by their customers, who have achieved better performance, reduced time-to-market, improved reliability, or enhanced capabilities by using the Exhibitor's technology. Others give insight into the technology trends driving their strategy, the potential of emerging technologies in their product lines, or the impact of adopting academic research into their development cycle. Whatever the topic, Exhibitor Forum can show you what is available today and tomorrow.

Industrial exhibitors are offered the opportunity to highlight their latest technology breakthroughs in this forum. These sessions run Tuesday-Thursday and are open to all SC06 Attendees.


Presentations may be product oriented, but they should focus on new or novel technology, and they should not be marketing or sales pitches. Presentations will be 30 minutes in duration, in two parallel tracks. Standard audio/visual setup (a LCD projector, screen, and microphone) will be provided, but we cannot guarantee additional equipment (e.g. network connectivity for demonstrations). Presenters may be employees of the industrial exhibitor, customers of the exhibitor or academic collaborators.

Please submit proposals for presentations in the Exhibitor Forum through the conference submissions website.

Each submission must be associated with an Industry Exhibit booth. If two booths wish to make a collaborative presentation (e.g. for a joint venture), they must choose one as the "associated" booth.

An Industry Exhibit booth can submit multiple proposals to Exhibitor Forum. However, the committee will select only one presentation per Exhibitor, based on the selection criteria below.

Proposals will be accepted through July 31 with selection and scheduling of presentations being handled by the committee during August.

Selection Criteria:

Acceptance of Exhibitor Forum presentations is not guaranteed!

Due to the limited presentation time and large number of Industry Exhibit booths, the Exhibitor Forum often cannot accept all proposals. When selecting proposals for presentation, the Exhibitor Forum committee looks at the following criteria:
  • Only one presentation per fully-paid Industry Exhibitor booth.
  • New and innovative technology presented
    • Technical information (including design details, specifications, case studies and benchmarking) is highly encouraged
    • Sales and marketing talks are discouraged and could effect future selection to Exhibitor Forum
  • High quality of presentation
    • Based on (optional) presentation material submitted
  • High audience interest
    • Can be due to exciting technology/product features
    • Can be due to a "hot" area, possibly involving controversy
    • Can be due to the Exhibitor's status as a company
  • Fit with other Exhibitor Forum talks
  • Special sessions will feature Exhibitor talks related to conference initiatives — storage, analytics, emerging technologies

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