SC|06 Powerful Beyond Imagination
SC06 is the International Conference for High Performance Computing Networking and Storage

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Exhibitor Registration

SC07 Research Exhibitor Applications Open
November 16, 2006

SC07 Industry Exhibitor Applications Open
November 15, 2006

Exhibitors can register online.
If you are an Exhibitor AND sign up for the Technical Program (or Tutorials) please carefully read the instructions on the online registration page for how to proceed!

Exhibitor Registration is provided for the Exhibits Point of contact (aka "Booth Boss") to identify all Exhibitors and Exhibits Guests associated with their booth. The Booth Boss can use online registration for these activities.

If someone will be a Technical Program registrant and an Exhibitor, we recommend that the individual first register as a Technical Program attendee. Once that is done, the person can then give their unique Registration ID to the Booth Boss, who can then add the person as an Exhibitor by contacting the Registration Company (Experient) by e-mail or phone. Details for this process can be found on the Exhibitor web pages.

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