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SCHEDULE: NOV 11-17, 2006

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Best Practices in Cluster Management

Session: Best Practices

Event Type: BOF

Time: 5:30pm - 7:00pm

Session Chair: Rick Friedman

Leader(s): Rick Friedman

Location: 24-25

Linux clusters are receiving widespread attention in performance-driven environments like life sciences, manufacturing, oil and gas and financial services. With its growing popularity, more organizations are looking to learn how they can out-perform their competitors by implementing their own cluster solution. As such, the focus within the high performance computing market has shifted from whether an organization should implement a cluster management solution to how they should begin the process. If planned for and carried out effectively, clusters can help an organization increase their ROI, improve system performance and minimize business risk. Without proper strategy, an organization's cluster implementation process can result in slower time to resolution and increased costs - the very opposite of what clusters serve to achieve. This session will educate attendees on how to efficiently scale out Linux clusters, identify common implementation pitfalls and discover what steps their organization should take when executing Linux clusters.

Chair/ Leader Details:

Rick Friedman (Chair)

Rick Friedman

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