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SCHEDULE: NOV 11-17, 2006

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Rocks Clusters

Session: Rocks Clusters

Event Type: BOF

Time: 12:15pm - 1:15pm

Session Chair: Steve Jones

Leader(s): Steve Jones, Greg Bruno, Tim McIntire

Location: 20-21

The Rocks Cluster Toolkit is quickly growing into the leading Linux-based cluster distribution. The first annual Supercomputing Birds of a Feather meeting for Rocks users and developers will serve as an important halfway point between annual Rocks All-Hands Meetings (a.k.a., Rocks-A-Palooza). Meet to discuss issues with members of the core Rocks development team from the San Diego Supercomputer Center, leading Rocks system administrators, and key leaders in bringing Rocks into the commercial space. Discussions will include new elements in recently released Rocks 4.2, Rocks Rolls, and feedback on the roadmap for the future of Rocks. While Rocks is known for making large-scale systems administration and management simple, a growing ecosystem of extensions are a big part of what makes Rocks a compelling solution in so many environments. In addition to general Rocks discussion, the panel will focus in on the recently released Viz Roll, tiled displays, and parallel rendering.

Chair/ Leader Details:

Steve Jones (Chair)
Stanford University

Steve Jones
Stanford University

Greg Bruno
San Diego Supercomputer Center

Tim McIntire
Cluster Corporation

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