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SCHEDULE: NOV 11-17, 2006

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Extreme Application Scalability

Session: Extreme Applications

Event Type: BOF

Time: 12:15pm - 1:15pm

Session Chair: Wilfried Oed

Leader(s): Wilfried Oed

Location: 13

Taking the TOP500 as a base, the trend to an ever increasing number of processors is striking. The average crossed the 1,000 processor per system mark in 2005, the top being roughly two orders of magnitude larger. Yet, the majority of so-called "real world applications" still struggles to show decent performance improvements even on a few hundred processors.

The objective of this BOF is to discuss and better understand the roadblocks to be removed to allow applications to scale to thousands of processors.

Chair/ Leader Details:

Wilfried Oed (Chair)
Cray Inc.

Wilfried Oed
Cray, Inc.

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