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SC06 is the International Conference for High Performance Computing Networking and Storage

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Invited Speakers

SC2006 invited speakers include some of the world's biggest names in high performance computing. These talks provide attendees with insight into a broad range of HPC hardware, software, and usage challenges and approaches, with a provocative glimpse into a potential future.

Tuesday, Nov 14

Time Session Event Chair/Speaker Location
8:30AM - 10:00AM Keynote The Coming Merger of Biological and Non Biological Intelligence Ray Kurzweil Ballroom A-D

Wednesday, Nov 15

Time Session Event Chair/Speaker Location
8:30AM - 9:15AM Cray and Fernbach Awards Lectures Seymour Cray Award Lecture Tadashi Watanabe Ballroom B-C
9:15AM - 10:00AM Cray and Fernbach Awards Lectures Sidney Fernbach Award Lecture: Solving Einstein's Equations through Computational Science Ed Seidel Ballroom B-C
3:30PM - 4:15PM Invited Speakers I Navy and Marine Corps High Performance Computing Delores Etter Ballroom B-C
4:15PM - 5:00PM Invited Speakers I Open Source Software: A Powerful Model for Inspiring Imagination Matthew J. Szulik Ballroom B-C

Thursday, Nov 16

Time Session Event Chair/Speaker Location
8:30AM - 9:15AM Invited Speakers II Real-time Supercomputing and Technology for Games and Entertainment H. Peter Hofstee Ballroom B-C
9:15AM - 10:00AM Invited Speakers II Chip Innovations and Computer Revolution Tsugio Makimoto Ballroom B-C

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